Nederlandse fotograaf eervolle vermelding in Veolia’s Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year

| October 5, 2011

De Nederlandse natuurfotograaf Andrew George (agfoto) heeft een eervolle vermelding gekregen in de categorie “Nature in black and white” van de  Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Dit is een prestigieuze  internationale fotocompetitie voor natuurfotografie. De eervolle vermelding is gebaseerd op de foto March of the Coots.

In totaal zijn er meer meer dan 40.000 foto’s ingezonden. Dit verdeeld over 95 landen wereldwijd. De desbetreffende foto van Andrew George is door de jury gekozen uit een strenge selectie van 108 foto’s.

De foto zal samen met de foto’s van de winnaars, runner-ups en andere eervolle vermeldingen op 21 oktober tentoongesteld worden. De locatie van deze tentoonstelling is het Natural History Museum in Londen.

Na deze tentoonstelling zal de expositie diverse nationale en internationale plaatsen aandoen. Naar verwachting zullen meer dan 2.500.000 de foto te zien krijgen.

De expositie is overigens vanaf 26 november ook in Nederland te bezichtigen. De locatie is het Museon te Den Haag.

March of the CootsAndrew George

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Andrew George over zijn foto

Early winter in 2010 was one of the coldest The Netherlands had experienced in years, and the lake in Andrew’s local park in Eindhoven was almost completely frozen. As he watched the coots foraging on the ice, he began to visualize the image he wanted. So when the next snowfall came, he went straight out and waited. The coots were already on the ice, polishing off scraps of bread people had thrown them. As soon as all the food was gone, the coots headed back towards the only remaining hole in the ice. 

Over Andrew George

Andrew George is a passionate Dutch nature, wildlife & travel photographer.
In his youth he already was interested in nature and it’s beauty. When he visited Iceland for the first time he got inspired by the magnificent landscapes and wildlife. He wanted to put it on (digital) film forever and share it with everybody all over the world. Soon he got more interested in nature photography and followed a course at the Fotovakschool (the foremost Dutch photography school) to understand the basics of photography.

Andrew likes to travel, but the most beautiful and surprising wildlife and nature he finds nearby home. Many of his photographs are taken locally. This way he can spend a lot of time in the field doing research and gaining knowledge about wildlife and nature. He likes to show people what can be found just “around the corner” and is often overlooked. All his photos are taken with respect for nature and wildlife with a great deal of passion and “natural inspiration”.

Meer informatie

Bezoek de website van Andrew op:

Bezoek de website van de Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year op :


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