Olympus µ TOUGH-3000 [aankondiging]

| January 8, 2010

Olympus begint zijn nieuwe productrange met de aankondiging van de nieuwe µ (mju) Tough 3000. Net als zijn voorgangers in de Touch serie is de camera schokbestendig (tot 1,5m), krasbestendig, waterproof tot 3 meter en kan temperaturen aan tot maar liefs -10 graden celcius.

Achter de lenscover die erg veel weg heeft van een monocle ligt een 3.6x groothoek zoomlens (28-102mm) en een kleine 12 megapixel CCD sensor. Features? Ook die mogen natuurlijk ontbreken. Wat dacht je van sensor stabilizatie, HD films, HDMI aansluiting en de zogenaamde “Magic Filters”. Voor de rest zien we 1GB intern geheugen en oplaadmogelijkheden via de USB aansluiting.

Lees verder op de website van Olympus.

Olympus µ TOUGH-3000 afbeeldingen




A TOUGH everyone will love

As tough as you are: the µ TOUGH-3000

Hamburg, 7 January 2010 – Perfect for everyday adventures, the new µ TOUGH-3000 is the latest addition to Olympus’ school of hard knocks. With new features such as an HD movie function and [ib] software, the wallet-friendly model aims to please. It inherits the award-winning µ TOUGH-8000 3.6x wide optical zoom, and has been fitted with everything from Dual Image Stabilisation to Magic Filters. Waterproof to 3m***, shockproof to 1.5m**, and freezeproof to -10°C, the 12 Megapixel model will be available from March 2010.

Whether it’s being flung into a backpack or passed around at a family party, you’ll never have to worry about getting the µ TOUGH-3000 back in one piece. But the model isn’t just sturdy – it has a number of new features to boot:

• HD movie recording and HDMI interface
• 1 GB internal memory and SD card slot
• Photo Surfing
• [ib] software
• USB charging

Chronicle all the action in an HD movie and show your friends on a TV connected via HDMI or flip through images easily on the spot with Photo Surfing. Thanks to Olympus’ new [ib] software, you can quickly locate those particular events, people and locations tagged using GPS, Face Detection, or the date. Group portraits as well as shots of a favourite band rocking-out on stage come out just as you imagined with the versatile 3.6x wide optical zoom (28-102mm*). Also a plus: you’ll never be left wanting for space or caught with a dead battery with the convenient 1GB of internal memory, an additional SD card slot and a practical USB charger.

Besides all that, the µ TOUGH-3000’s In-Camera Manual is on hand whenever you need help or some tricks. And just like with the rest of the TOUGH family, a variety of trusted Olympus features from Beauty Mode and i-Auto, AF Tracking to Dual Image Stabilisation make taking great shots easy.

The shockproof, waterproof and freezeproof µ TOUGH-3000 is an affordable solution to capture all of life’s surprises. It will be available in Oxide Red, Turquoise Blue, Hot Pink and Emerald Green from March 2010.
The Olympus µ TOUGH-3000 – main features:
• Shockproof to 1.5m**, waterproof to 3m***, freezeproof to -10°C and scratchproof
• 3.6x wide optical zoom (28-102mm*)
• Dual Image Stabilisation (combines mechanical and digital image stabilisation)
• HD movie recording and HDMI technology
• 12 Megapixels
• 1GB internal memory and SD**** Card compatible
• Photo Surfing and [ib] software
• 6.9cm/2.7” HyperCrystal III LCD (230,000 dots)
• Advanced Face Detection and Shadow Adjustment Technology
• Intelligent Auto Mode (i-Auto) and AF Tracking
• Magic Filters
• In-Camera Manual
• USB charging

* Equivalent to a 35mm camera
** Equivalent to MIL Standard (Olympus test conditions)
*** According to IEC standard publication 529 IPX8
**** SD is a trademark of SD Card Association

For questions or additional information, please contact:

Franziska Jorke
Olympus Europa Holding GmbH
Tel.: +49-40-237 73-4759


Advanced Face Detection Technology
A technology that searches for faces in a composition and recognises them as the main subject. It then automatically puts them in focus and optimally adjusts exposure to create an image that’s sharp in the right places and ideally exposed. Advanced Face Detection Technology can detect up to 16 faces.

AF tracking
This system tracks the moving subject automatically and keeps it continually in focus for pictures that are optimally focused and exposed. It also memorises subject data even when the subject goes out of frame and resumes tracking when it reappears.

Beauty Mode
Beauty mode touches up the appearance of subjects even while the shot is being taken. This feature recognises faces and automatically makes skin on the face and adjacent areas appear smoother, brighter and more youthful.

Dual Image Stabilisation
Providing two-fold protection, this special function helps to avoid image blur caused by camera shake or fast-moving subjects. It combines high ISO values with a CCD-based mechanical image stabiliser, where a built-in gyro sensor detects camera movement and adjusts the CCD accordingly.

i-Auto Mode
This “intelligent-Auto” mode uses advanced automatic detection technology to allow the camera to recognise the five most commonly used scenes automatically. They enable the capture of perfect photos without any need for manual settings.

[ib] software
Olympus now offers [ib], an integrated photo browsing and organising software. Images can be organised by person with a new face recognition technology, by place with a GPS-based mapping function or by event. The information tagged in each photo allows selected pictures to be viewed on a TV, PC, or the camera’s LCD (with Photo Surfing or Slideshow).

Magic Filters
Enables special artistic effects to be created directly in the camera.
Pop Art: Enhances colours, making them stronger and more vivid to create high-impact pictures that express the happy, light-hearted feeling of the pop art style.
Fish-Eye: Reproduces the dramatic effect of a fish eye lens, lending a new perspective to the whole scene with a “round” effect.
Sketch: Gives the impression that subjects have been sketched by an artist by transforming images into line drawings.
Pin Hole: Reduces the peripheral brightness like an image seen through a pinhole. Added to this is a unique colour tone that results in a style that has an air of secrecy or portrays the feeling of being lost in another dimension or space.

Photo Surfing
By selecting this option in the Playback menu, users can opt to browse pictures by date, scene, person, place, or image collection.


Effectief aantal pixels 12 Megapixels
Filtersysteem Primaire kleurenfilters (RGB)
Volledige resolutie 12,7 Megapixels
Type 1/2,33 ” Live CCD sensor
Optische zoom 3,6 x (BREED)
Focusgebied 5,0 – 18,2 mm
Brandpuntsafstand gelijk aan 35mm 28 – 102 mm
Structuur 10 lenzen / 8 groepen
Asferische glazen elementen 2
Maximale lensopening 3,5 – 5,1
Digitale zoom
Vergrotings factor 5 x / 18 x gecombineerd met optische zoom
Resolutie 230000 pixels
Afmetingen monitor 6,9 cm / 2,7 ”
LCD-type TFT
Hulp bij compositiebepaling Ja
Helderheidsaanpassing +/- 2 niveaus
Methode DDL iESP-autofocus met contrastdetectie
Opties Gezichtsherkenning AF, iESP, Spot, AF-tracking
Standaardmodus 0,5m – ∞ (groothoek) / 0,5m – ∞ (tele)
Macromodus 0,1m – ∞ (groothoek) / 0,3m – ∞ (tele)
Super macromodus Kortste scherpstelafstand: 2 cm
Histogramfunctie in opnamemodus Ja
Opties ESP-lichtmeting, Spot-meting
Opties i-Auto, Automatische programmakeuze, Scèneprogranmma’s, Magiefilter, Beauty, Panorama, Film
Sluitertijd 1/4 – 1/2000 s / < 4 s (Nacht scene)
Belichtingscompensatie +/- 2 EV / 1/3 stappen
Verbeterings functie Mechanicsche Beeld Stabilisatie
Geavanceerde gezichtsherkenningstechnologie
Aantal scèneprogramma’s 19
Opties Portret, Landschap, Nachtscène, Nachtscène met portret, Sport, Binnenopname, Kaarslicht, Zelfportret, Zonsondergang, Vuurwerk, Keuken, Documenten, Strand en sneeuw, Sneeuw
Automatisch AUTO / High AUTO automatische selectie
Handmatig ISO 64, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600
AUTO WB-systeem Ja
Vooringestelde waarden Bewolkt, Zonlicht, Gloeilamp, TL 1, TL 2, TL 3
Ingebouwde flitser
Bereik (groothoek) 0,1 – 4,0 m (ISO 800)
Bereik (tele) 0,3 – 2,7 m (ISO 800)
Opties AUTO, Rode-ogen-reductie, Invulflits, Uitgeschakeld
Repeterende opnamen
Opeenvolgende opnamemodus (hoge snelheid) 5,0 fps / 11 frames ( in 3MP mode)
Opeenvolgende opnamemodus 1,0 fps / 21 frames
CCD-controlefunctie Ja
Ruisreductie Ja
TruePic III Ja
Vervormingscompensatie Ja
Schaduwcompensatie Ja
Panorama Ja
Zwart & wit Ja
Sepia Ja
Herdimensioneren Ja
Knippen Ja
Kalender toevoegen Ja
Verzadigingscorrectie Ja
Beauty Fix Ja
Rode-ogen-reductie Ja
Schaduwaanpassing Ja
Beelden bekijken
Opties Enkelvoudig, Index, Zoom, Diavoorstelling, Gebeurtenis, Verzameling, Collage
Index 4×3 / 6×5 frames
Zoom Ja 1,1 – 10 x
Automatische rotatie Ja
Beeldbeschermingsmodus Ja
Histogramfunctie in afspeelmodus Ja
Video bekijken
Frame per frame Ja
Snel vooruitspoelen Ja
Omgekeerd afspelen Ja
Stilstaande beelden opnemen
EXIF 2,21
DPS PictBridge
Beeldstabilisatiemodus Digitale beeldstabilisatie
Opnameformaat MPEG-4
Filmkwaliteit 720P Opname tijd: 29 min.
VGA Opname tijd: ongelimiteerd
QVGA Opname tijd: ongelimiteerd
N.B.: max. bestandsgrootte is 4 GB
Spraak afspelen Ja
Geluidsopname Ja , structuur: AAC
Beeldcommentaar 4 s
Luidspreker Ja
Verwijderbare media SD / SDHC
Intern geheugen 1 GB
Afbeeldings grootte
12M 3968 x 2976
5M 2560 x 1920
3M 2048 x 1536
2M 1600 x 1200
1M 1280 x 960
VGA 640 x 480
16:9 3968 x 2232
1920 x 1080
Menutalen in de camera 39
Overige functies
Schokbestendig Schokbestendig vanop hoogtes tot 1,5m *
Waterdicht waterdicht tot op een waterdruk die overeenkomt met een diepte van 3 meter **
Vriesbestendig Bestand tegen temperaturen tot -10ºC ***
Perfect Shot-voorvertoning Ja
Ingebouwde panoramafunctie Ja
Zelfontspanner 2 / 12 s
Menuoverzicht Ja
Ingebouwde handleiding Ja
LED-verlichting Ja
Fotosurf Ja
* Conform de MIL-standaard (testmethoden van Olympus)
** Conform de IEC 529 IPX8-norm
*** Volgens olympus test condities
Batterij LI-42B Lithium-ion batterij
Ingebouwde oplaadfunctie Ja
HDMI™ Ja Miniconnector (type C)
DC in Ja (CB-MA3 vereist)
Gecombineerde A/V- & USB-uitgang Ja
Hi-speed USB Ja
Afmetingen (BxHxD) 95,9 x 65,0 x 23,4 mm
Gewicht 159 g (inclusief batterij en geheugenkaart)
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